Take a Bow…

I hope you enjoy looking at these images of Lisa Critcher Millinery bow veils from a beautiful story in the Jan/Feb issue of You & Your Wedding magazine, that’s out now.  I’m so happy they have been featured! The bow veil, one of my personal favorites, is shown off at it’s best, playful, elegant, sassy and graceful…all the things a great bride should be!




These pieces are available from my stockists, or by emailing me, details on my website…via my own new Etsy shop, but more about that coming soon. Happy reading!


Field of Hats


Akio-Hirata-things that make you happy

The title of the website I found this image on is very apt, as this installation totally makes me happy. The artist, Akio Hirata created a field of 4000 hats. I love it because it reminds me of when I was a very tiny girl, we moved to a new house and the garden was very overgrown in a english country garden kind of way. The garden was full of Lupins and Foxgloves, and I spent hours and hours running under and through the flowers which seemed huge and beautiful to me. I can imagen spending a few hours in this gallery doing the same. For more images of this beautiful work, take a look at my Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/lisacmillinery/art-hats/
Foxglove seed packet
Lupin seed packet
Foxglove and Lupin image from lovely blog: www.hathillfarm.blogspot.co.uk 

A Most Curious Wedding Fair – Highly Commended

Today has been a wonderful day.

Those with a keen eye will notice that I was part of A Most Curious Wedding Fair in historic setting of York Hall Bethnal Green. I was part of Next! a launch pad for new designers in the bridal world, and as I set up my stall I realised what a super amazing thing it was to be part of such a wonderfully talented group.

The fair was a joy to be part of, and the icing on the oh so lovely cake was that I was awarded Highly Commended. Veronica Dearly was awarded “the Most Curious One To Watch” & Federica Bruno was also awarded Highly Commended.

Those with a even keener eye will see that I got married myself recently, and so I now have a small matter of being whisked off on my honeymoon for a week; But with my Highly commended in hand I look forward to jumping on the Millinery horse when I get back.

It’s almost the witching hour, but all of us at LCM HQ are still buzzing with excitement.

Wonderful Day.